Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Denim Skirt DIY

Earlier this summer I had noticed that denim skirts had been reappearing online and in stores. I fondly remember a denim skirt I wore over and over as a teenager. Denim skirts are so versatile and most importantly very comfortable.

I had a look around in stores but I couldn't really find anything that matched up to the denim skirt memories I had from last time around.

One day I was browsing at a local St Vincent De Paul store and I came across some Cotton On denim shorts in a longer style "The Boyfriend Bermuda"(no longer available online but they do have similar styles). I saw the potential for a DIY and purchased them. I love picking up denim at second-hand stores, the fabric is so durable and easy to wash, making it perfect for reusing!

I had to make two alterations - taking in the side seams (the shorts were 2 sizes larger than my usual size) and unpicking the inseams and re-sewing the front pieces and back pieces to create the skirt panels.

On the front panel of the skirt I overlapped the pieces, keeping the folded original seam, however on the back I sewed the panels together using a traditional seam to create a more tailored appearance.

I cut the bottom of the skirt in a rounded shape, higher at the sides with the back being longer than the front. This creates room for the derriere and also makes the back longer to provide some modesty when moving around.

I'm really happy with how the final product has turned out and I've been getting a lot of wear out of it. We've been having really warm weather and the denim skirt is perfect on really hot days.

I'm already thinking about all the ways I can wear the skirt through summer and into autumn.

Denim Skirt Outfit

Enjoy Life!

Ella xx

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