Friday, July 1, 2016

Table Linen Clutch

Over the weekend I was really in the crafty mood and I got around to finally completely this little bag as well as my blanket.
It's made from two pieces of linen I bought from Vinnies months ago for a few dollars. I had the idea that I could turn them into a clutch and then put them away in my sewing trunk until now.
I had one round piece that I used for the top flap and a long rectangular piece that I folded in half and then in half again to make the body of the bag. 
I sewed the sides of the bag together and attached the flap in the same rows of stitching, then made the buttonhole and sewed on the button using a decorative technique.
The sewing probably only took me about 15 minutes in total and now I have a new 'vintage' clutch.

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