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Re-visiting Wholesale-dress.net Haul and Review

A while ago I wrote about my first shopping experience with wholesale-dress.net. I know these types of asian wholesale sites are becoming more popular but many people seem to be displeased with the level of service and  the quality of the products, so they are still controversial.

The issues that shoppers are concerned with are:

1. They don't update their "Out of Stock" message for products on the website quickly or accurately enough. So you can order things and then get an email saying that they are out of stock, then you have to choose a replacement or get store credit. Some shoppers find this concerning. I just make sure only to order items that are relatively new arrivals and still say that there are at "100" in stock. Whenever I break this self-imposed rule I run into trouble.

2. It takes a long time for them to prepare your order. My stuff took just under a month to arrive. The shipping was quick, through Fedex, but the company took ages to fill and pack my order. So, not for those after something for an occasion next week. This doesn't bother me as I wouldn't use these sites for any special occasion clothing.

3. The quality of the items is extremely hit and miss. Some of the items I have received are top level high street quality. Beautiful fabrics, well made. Other items have been really bizarrely bad. I am getting to know how to tell if something will be good or bad through my experiences, so I don't think this is so much of a problem for me.

4. Trouble with the fit of the clothing. The sizes are vague and small. The free size clothing is a small or extra-small. In jeans I have to go up 4 waist sizes to get the correct size. But in general, I don't have too much trouble with the sizing, I know what to expect from asian fits and they seem to suit me pretty well. Plus most of the stuff is stretch or full cut.


The clothes are extremely inexpensive. Jeans are $10 - $20, shoes are bags are in the same range. And there is still the chance that the stuff you order is of a pretty good quality.

So, having a small amount of credit on my account from my last order I was tempted to make another order.

For this order I was able to choose items a little more wisely and I think I ended up with some of their higher quality items.

A couple of pairs of jeans that originally ordered were out of stock, but this time instead of getting store credit I arranged to have some replacement garments sent.

The customer service was perfectly fine, emails went back and forth and were answered promptly, considering the time difference.

Onto the items

For each item I have included the picture from the site and a description of what I actually received.

These jeans are probably my favourite thing that I have ever brought from the site. They fit amazingly and look really fantastic. The denim is stretch but quite thick and the zippers and buttons are great quality.

This lace blouse was probably one of my two least favourite items. The picture on the site looked vintage cheesecloth style and quite long. The blouse I received is bright white and quite stiff. The style is not as detailed as it appears in this photo. The re-creation garment that they have made is style a nice top and I will get wear out it.

 This flannel tartan shirt looks exactly like the picture. The length is exactly the same and it is normal polyester flannel fabric. The colour is not quite as bright as it looks in this photo.
These jeans were one of the replacement items that I ordered. I have to admit that they were a bad choice made in haste. I wanted a light wash boyfriend style, but these are more of a 3/4 length baggy short kind of deal. But they are exactly like the photos on the site.
This green bag is exactly as it appears in the photos. he artificial leather is quite thick and the hardware is os a reasonable quality.
This t-shirt was a little disappointing. It is definitely one of the lower quality items that I ordered. The crochet lace on the sleeves is not the same fabric that is pictured, and the general construction techniques are quite poor. That being said, the garment is pretty much what is pictured and will still be fine for me to wear casually.

In contrast to the t-shirt above this long sleeved t-shirt is lovely. The quality of the fabric and the beading is amazing. The fit is great and I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of it when the weather is cool.

This faux-leather skirt is one of the items that I ordered to replace items from my original order that were out of stock. I am really surprised by the high quality of this item. The faux-leather is thick and soft, the studs are evenly applied and the fit is fantastic! I've seen this exact skirt in Zara, so I guess the factory was making them for Zara as well.

Army/camouflage print is everywhere at the moment and I have a great pair of camo print jeans from CottonOn that I love. I've seen a few street style pictures lately with camo print blazers and so I've had my eye out for one to smarten up jeans and dress down leather pants.

This floral bomber jacket is fantastic. It actually arrived with Zara labels on it so I suppose that's who they were making them for. The fabric is soft and silky and the construction is good quality.

This dress is great. It is a bit longer than it appears in the picture, and a bit whiter in colour. The construction and fabric are both fantastic.
This top/dress is as it appears in the photo, but the quality of the fabric and construction are quite poor. That being said I have gotten wear out of it as a casual tunic top with leggings underneath and a cardigan over the top. As with anything rom wholesale-dress that has buttons, the buttons are really what show the bad quality construction.

These jeans are about an Australian size 6 (US0/2), even though I ordered a large. Too small for me! The buttons and construction are also so-so quality.

This shirtdress is great, the denim is thick and the length is perfect for a short dress. There were a few hanging threads to trim but the buttons are sewn on securely which is a bonus.

This top is of typical bargain store quality. I think I should have ordered the small as the large is quite big around the shoulders and makes me look quite "chunky". Still a good item for layering and the chiffon back looks really great.

In general I guess the guide could be - if it is a magazine photo the garment will be nothing like what you see, if it is a Zara photo the garment will be amazing, if it is a "model" photo by the site it will be what you see but probably poor construction.

Oh, and most jeans are tiny in size so probably best not to risk your money!

Please note: I haven't linked to the items as they are probably all out of stock by now.

* This is not a paid post. I ordered and paid for my items myself.

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