Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Last weekend Mr Canbella and I headed to our home town to visit his parents and also to receive my birthday gift from them (which was a surprise to me). When we arrived on the Friday night I received my amazing present and jumped up and down squealing. Yeah, I'm just cool like that.

Paris Opera Ballet Giselle Ticket

But, in all seriousness, what ballet loving lady would hold back upon receiving tickets to the Paris Opera Ballet performing Giselle? I mean, really. Insane.

The next night we headed in on the train to the city. I was really happy on the train. Which, being a public transport veteran, I realise is completely inappropriate on any non-national-holiday day. My happy vibe was incongruous with the general grumpy, gritty and gruff vibe. ;)

Outfit for Paris Opera Ballet

We had dinner at our favourite little restaurant Vini. (I mean teeny tinycheck this out!)The food and service there is amazing. We enjoyed some fresh house made ricotta with grilled broccoli, carpaccio kingfish, a duck pasta and a squid pasta. We couldn't help but squeeze in dessert and went for the chocolate tart with fried rosemary topping. Yum!

Vini Restaurant, Sydney

The best part of our dining experience was our gracious and cheerful French waiter who enthused about the Paris Opera Ballet and was just generally fantastic. Loyalty rewarded!

Vini Restaurant, Sydney

We then walked down to the theatre and enjoyed a champagne before the show. Heading into the theatre I felt super excited and reminded myself to stay present and not get too carried away with the emotion of the story throughout the performance because I wanted to remember every moment. But, hey, it was Giselle, who was I kidding!

Paris Opera Ballet Giselle
All I say about the performance was that it was transcendent. Technically, artistically it was perfect; and just so beautiful.

Paris Opera Ballet Giselle
The drama of the second act was amazing. The Wilis were terrifying in their unified determination. The grouped choreography and staging was very effective. Above all, it made me cry, touched me and took me outside of myself, so really how much more can you ask for from art?
Paris Opera Ballet Giselle

The hilarious conclusion to the night was the huge contrast from the ballet patrons to the passengers on our late night train home. We looked so fancy and sober that even the train guard complimented us and said goodbye as we alighted. Haha!

It was a beautiful night that I'll always treasure and such a thoughtful gift. Mr Canbella's parents are the best!!!

Happy on the train

Looking forward to many dance adventures in 2013,
Ella xx

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