Monday, November 12, 2012

The Ultimate Comfort Food

Poached Egg Pasta with White Truffle Oil

We all have them. Those foods that we crave when we are tired and down and need a food hug. This does not have to be a bad thing. Most of my comfort foods are homemade, nutritious and good for the soul all at once.

My all-time favourite comfort food is one that my partner first prepared for me when I had a leg injury and was feeling pretty blah. I suppose my love for this dish is all wrapped up in the experience of having him prepare this for me, with love and care, at that time when I felt really down.

Eggy Pasta

Serves 2

160g large shell pasta or casarecci
4 eggs
1 Tbs mild flavoured olive oil
4 Tbs extra finely grated (using a Microplane) parmesan cheese
2 Tbs white truffle oil
Salt and pepper

1. Cook pasta to al dente according to instructions (about 8 minutes).
2. In a separate large pot bring water to the boil and add a dash of white vinegar. Poach four eggs and drain well using paper towel.
3. Drain pasta,  add olive oil to lubricate. Arrange on plates/bowls.
4. Top each bowl of pasta with two eggs, half of the parmesan and truffle oil.
5. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
6. Serve with love.

NOTE: If you can get your hands on some truffle infused eggs they elevate this dish to an extraordinarily beautiful food moment. I promise.

Close Up:Poached Egg Pasta with White Truffle Oil

Ella xx

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  1. Delicious!
    Looking forward to cooking this one for a lazy evening at home


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