Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shellac! Don't Do It!

NOTE: The title of this post is intended to be read to the tune of "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Go ahead, listen while you read, here.

Red Shellac Manicure Nails

Anyway.... Getting on with it.

I love nail polish. I love manicures. I passionately believe that painted toe nails make a significant positive contribution to my happiness.

But I've not really a "go to the salon" kind of gal. I think it's just my busy-ness combined with my innate thriftiness that keeps me away. 

I guess this quote from one of my favourite books sums it up:

I hate handing over money for what I could just as easily do myself, it makes me nervous.  ~Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar, Chapter 5

So, this is why I am so late to the party with Shellac manicures. When one of my lovely girlfriends invited me for a manicure and lunch date I was happy to have the excuse to try something new. And really, I can't do this at home so it doesn't count as part of my usual avoidance strategy.

I was very nervous heading into the nail salon and went with a classic red as I wasn't sure I was ready for the commitment to sparkly purple for two weeks. I felt like a newb for the entire time I was there and had to keep looking at my friend to work out what I was supposed to be doing with my hands. Which was oh so amusing for her. Haha.

The grossest and most disturbing part of the whole adventure was when the manicurist trimmed my cuticles. Now. This was revolting. So much skin. Eeew. Ick. And then a couple of days later I read an article by Zoe Foster that tells me I'm not supposed to let anyone do this to me. I feel violated. In a very privileged, first world way.

Red Shellac Manicure Nails

At first I was very pleased with my newly polished and invincible nails and with myself for being brave enough to venture to the salon.

But then. But then.

After about a week my nails had grown about 1 -2 mm and I could not help but push back my now rapidly growing cuticles. Consequently the edge of the polish was taunting my picky picky tendency. Long story short, I couldn't help myself and ended up scratching off all of the shellac.

This left my nails in a sad and sorry state from which it has taken about a month to recover.

Red Shellac Manicure Nails

So, if you possess fast growing nails and a need to pick at everything as well as flippant taste in nail colours then I would advise against shellac manicures.

If you are a normal adult woman, go for it. They look great and feel really fancy.

Good Luck!
Ella xx

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