Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A fairy ring, a beautiful thing

Skim Cappuccino
A skim cappuccino at Park Cafe Restaurant
This past year I have moved to a new city; away from my family and friends, but close enough to visit  once or twice a month. On my visits home I usually get to have a lunch and shopping date with my mother. I treasure the opportunity to spend time with her that is just relaxing and fun. I definitely feel carefree when I am visiting, away from my work and the household chores of the everyday.

A small fairy ring of yellow flowers
A fairy ring
We went out for a walk on the way to get lunch recently and as we walked across a park we saw this pretty ring of flowers. My mum called it a "fairy ring". I took a picture (how gen-y of me). When I got home I researched fairy rings and they are generally thought to be "dangerous" as part of traditional myths. I'm glad this one was small enough that I couldn't step inside and risk getting sucked into a different fairy dimension!
Spring Salad with fresh ricotta and radish
A beautiful salad at The Nun's Pool
Over the past year I have started to really want to document and remember all of my special moments with my mum and all of the people that I love and miss from my home town. I am much more  likely to want to photograph everything, and I definitely hug people a lot more and a lot tighter than I used to. Before I moved I thought that I would just miss people horribly and be miserable, but it has been so much more positive than that. 

It's a beautiful thing that in moving away I'm really treasuring everything that I already had.

Ella xx

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  1. Living away from family is tough- especially at first. It sounds like you're handling it well :)

  2. Thanks, I try to see the positives and enjoy the experience :)


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