Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jewellery Update DIY

I have two sets of jewellery - my real jewellery e.g. diamonds, silver gold and my fun jewellery e.g. a random assortment of paste gems and plastic goodies. Sometimes the fun jewellery holds significant sentimental value and is just as precious to me, but other times I end up thinking "What is this hideous piece of junk?" after a couple of months of wear.

So, in order to get some use of these pieces that are no longer "hot", I have done a little DIY makeover on them. I decided to attempt this DIY project after being inspired by a work colleague who suggested it to me. I then looked around online and saw plenty of people were using this method to update their jewellery so I thought: why not?

Colourful gems and elaborately beaded jewellery is really in right now but it can be hard to find the exact design and colours that you want for the right price. An easy and fun way to get the colourful jewellery you want is to paint them with nail polish. Sounds crazy hey? Well, actually it's not that crazy. Nail polish paint is actually quite long lasting and easy to apply evenly; and most convincingly of all you probably have plenty in the bathroom cupboard!

The first piece I have attempted is a pair of faux-pearl earrings. They started off a creamy pearl colour with gold edging and findings. I lined up my nail polishes and without much planning started painting. It took about 3 coats on each of the beads to get them nice and even and shiny, which didn't take long as the polish dries really quickly. I then used a silver metallic polish to go over the edges and findings. I am really pleased with the results and can't wait to wear them!

I am really pleased with the results, however, I think that I will purchase some bright yellow or lime green nail polish to add punch to the colour schemes if I attempt this DIY again.

Jewellery Update DIY Step-by-Step

Step 1 - Collect old jewellery and colourful nail polishes.
Step 2 - Plan out your colour scheme.
Step 3 - Apply 3 coats of nail polish to beads/gems.
Step 4 - Apply 1 - 2 coats of nail polish to metallic areas if needed.
Step 5 - If you want your jewellery to last longer and have more shine, apply a top coat.

Wear them with a DIY smile!

Ella xx

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