Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cocktail Hour

On occasion I enjoy a cocktail in the evening. I like to relax and enjoy a drink whilst having a quiet moment or a stimulating conversation, whatever I'm in the mood for.

One of my go-to cocktails is this simple Cranberry Vodka Spritzer. It's delicious and low calorie.

An of course, a gal's gotta eat. I hate to sound like party-pooper, but most snack foods are way to calorific for my regular cocktail hour parties. So I eat delicious foods that are not unhealthily high in calories or chemicals. I am OBSESSED with dill pickles. Seriously, I eat two jars a week. They are the kind that are on McDonald's burgers and I love to eat them with some mustard for dipping. And as you can see in the pics I have recently rediscovered mini-rice snacks which I bought in a jumbo packet from Costco (more on that place another day). They are just the ticket for a little crunchy flavour, although I do find it easy to eat too many, hence the souffle ramekin serving size.

Cranberry Vodka Spritzer

Place 3 cubes of ice in a lowball glass
Add 1 measure Absolut Vodka, 80 mls Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice, 1 Tbs lime juice
Fill to top with sparkling mineral water


Ella xx

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